Alternatives to RepRap project?

  • Alternatives to RepRap project? kenorb

    I would like to print 3D desktop printer, but currently I know only RepRap project. Ideally I'm looking for some better quality or larger alternatives (e.g. for printing larger parts than RepRap allows).

    Are there any?

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  • For a science project, I'm 3D-printing some custom pipes and tubes to regulate the flow of gas (a combination of ethyl alcohol and water vapor) through an apparatus. They need to be pretty small, as the entire experiment is designed on a small scale. I'd also like the use a little filament as possible. How thin can I make the walls of these pipes and tubes before either they collapse or gas leaks out? I know that's possibly an engineering issue, but I'd also need to take resolution into consideration. Ideally, the pipes would be about two centimeters in diameter, possibly a little larger

  • I created a new project in Materialise Magics, added a few parts (different STLs), moved them around in certain positions and now I want to export this project into another STL, containing my recent work. The export menu seems to be all grey, like this function is not available. Do I have to do some repairing first or something similar? Or Magics needs other software in order to export a Magics Project to a STL file?

  • There is a 3D desktop printer RepRap which can print most of its own components. Assuming each printed printer will print the next one and so on. Are there any limitation how many times this can be achieved? For example somebody printed for me printer and I do the same for my friends and they do the same for theirs. Can this go forever (since 3D model stays the same), or there are any serious side-effects/disadvantages of doing that continuously?

  • I have used cyanoacrylate glue aka superglue to bond PLA. I have created several electronics enclosures. (Definitely the most time-consuming part of the project.) Now my question is which debonder/solvent can I use to separate the pieces again without destroying the PLA parts? Wikipedia proposes the following: nitromethane dimethyl sulfoxide, methylene chloride, gamma-Butyrolactone.

  • Can the flexible TPU filament be used in the case of printing a dental fixture? Filament - SainSmart 1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb Flexible (TPU) Series Filament for 3D Printers RepRap.

  • New to 3D printing so sorry if this is a simple/basic question. I've done a ton of Googling but can't seem to find the answer... When I download a .STL file and open it in Print Studio, it opens as a HUGE object - much larger than you would ever want it. How to I get the file to open at scale to how the designer wanted it. For instance the following file from Thingaverse has specific size but I'm unsure of how to print it at that exact size. I'm assuming that the info is able to be stored somewhere in the .STL file.

  • For a large scale project, I need a slicer which gives me the slices as image (BMP or vector). I have a 3d model and want to assemble it manually using large printouts on cardboard. For this I need my 3d model somehow sliced into 2mm layers, get a silhouette of the outline for every layer and print it in cardboard. Later all cardboard layer will be cutted manually and glued in the right order. Does somebody know a slicer, which gives me as output images for every slice? Or any different idea how to geht my large cardboard 3d model?

  • The Sainsmart Endstops I picked up are different from the ones described in the RepRap Prusa i3 Rework electronics assembly wiki; they have 4 female plugs that go into the RAMPS 1.4 board instead of 3: Since these endstops are different, how do I hook them up, and what do the markings on them mean?

  • On my Reprap-like 3D printer, I routed all the wires to a spot near the base; for the motors, endstops, thermistors, etc, I plugged them all into a DB25 breakout board, and that's working great... there, and so that I don't end up mixing them up. -- also, being able to easily disconnect it is important (it's hard to work on the reprap if I can't spin it around or turn it over, etc., that's why I'm... is this one molex connector. I believe the heat is caused by passing too much current through that molex connector. -- I'm curious to know what other connectors might be better suited to this task. Can

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