OctoPrint webpage freezes (Setup on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian)

  • OctoPrint webpage freezes (Setup on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian) Delfin

    I have been using a software called OctoPrint that allows you to control your printer in your Browser. For sake of simplicity I have used Octopi, a preinstalled image with OctoPrint, but now I would like to make some changes, and I decided to build OctroPrint by myself, the instructions for building it are here: https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/wiki/Setup-on-a-Raspberry-Pi-running-Raspbian. The problem is that when I follow the first commands:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    cd ~
    sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv git libyaml-dev build-essential
    git clone https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint.git
    cd OctoPrint
    virtualenv venv
    ./venv/bin/pip install pip --upgrade
    ./venv/bin/python setup.py install
    mkdir ~/.octoprint
    sudo usermod -a -G tty pi
    sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi

    And then I start the octoprint server


    The webpage of Octoprint freezes

    enter image description here

    I don't know if this is fixed in later commands, but I would like to get a sense of how all fits together before continue. It doesn't look that is the browser (I am capable to visit other websites without any problems), so is maybe Octoprint? How can I fix this? Did anyone have this problem before? Thanks in advance

    The output in the console is:

    2016-07-11 03:09:19,442 - octoprint.server - INFO - Starting OctoPrint 1.2.13 (master branch)
    2016-07-11 03:09:19,502 - octoprint.plugin.core - INFO - Loading plugins from /home/pi/.octoprint/plugins, /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins and installed plugin packages...
    2016-07-11 03:09:20,522 - octoprint.plugins.discovery - INFO - pybonjour is not installed, Zeroconf Discovery won't be available
    2016-07-11 03:09:20,524 - octoprint.plugin.core - INFO - Found 6 plugin(s) providing 6 mixin implementations, 3 hook handlers
    2016-07-11 03:09:20,533 - octoprint.filemanager.storage - INFO - Initializing the file metadata for /home/pi/.octoprint/uploads...
    2016-07-11 03:09:20,536 - octoprint.filemanager.storage - INFO - ... file metadata for /home/pi/.octoprint/uploads initialized successfully.
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,615 - octoprint.util.pip - INFO - Found pip at /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/bin/pip, version is 8.1.2
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,620 - octoprint.plugin.core - INFO - Initialized 6 plugin implementation(s)
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,625 - octoprint.plugin.core - INFO - 6 plugin(s) registered with the system:
    |  Announcement Plugin (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/announcements
    |  CuraEngine (<= 15.04) (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/cura
    |  Discovery (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/discovery
    |  Plugin Manager (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/pluginmanager
    |  Software Update (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/softwareupdate
    |  Virtual Printer (bundled) = /home/pi/OctoPrint/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/OctoPrint-1.2.13-py2.7.egg/octoprint/plugins/virtual_printer
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,628 - octoprint.filemanager - INFO - Adding backlog items from all storage types to analysis queue...
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,639 - octoprint.filemanager - INFO - Added 0 items from storage type "local" to analysis queue
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,644 - octoprint.server - INFO - Reset webasset folder /home/pi/.octoprint/generated/webassets...
    2016-07-11 03:09:23,660 - octoprint.server - INFO - Reset webasset folder /home/pi/.octoprint/generated/.webassets-cache...
    2016-07-11 03:09:24,082 - octoprint.plugins.discovery - INFO - Registered OctoPrint instance on raspberrypi for SSDP
    2016-07-11 03:09:24,095 - octoprint.plugins.pluginmanager - INFO - Loaded plugin repository data from disk, was still valid
    2016-07-11 03:09:24,135 - octoprint.server - INFO - Listening on
    2016-07-11 03:09:24,602 - octoprint.plugins.announcements - INFO - Loaded channel _important from http://octoprint.org/feeds/important.xml in 0.43s
    2016-07-11 03:09:25,271 - octoprint.server - INFO - Preemptively caching / for {'query_string': 'en', 'path': '/', 'base_url': ''}
    2016-07-11 03:09:59,143 - octoprint.server.util.sockjs - INFO - New connection from client:
    2016-07-11 03:09:59,884 - octoprint.plugins.cura - INFO - Path to CuraEngine has not been configured yet or does not exist (currently set to None), Cura will not be selectable for slicing

  • Is it the Raspberry Pi that locks up, or just the webpage? If the whole thing becomes unresponsive I would consider reviewing your overclocking settings. If you've set one of the higher overclocking values in the config script, this can often lead to random lockups. If you don't see the config script every time you boot the Pi, you can access it by typing the following into a terminal window.

    sudo raspi-config

    You can find out how to change the overclocking settings from the config script in this guide

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